Saturday, 30 April 2016

How to bypass facebook malware checkpoint, avoid installing spyware and keep your anonymity

So recently facebook has been very interested in my true identity. No surprises here, with all the "hate-facts" and "racism" rampant in my posts and "likes". (Yeah I'm interested in free market and freedom of association) However I'm determined to share politically incorrect content with my acquaintances on facebook and at the same time keeping my anonymity (not from you guys, but from the fascist ideologues bent on censorship and goodthink). Here's how you can do that:

Even if you're totally legit multicultural socialist, you still might get frustrated if you try to keep you privacy.

So anyway... Have you had the inappropriate request to upload your state-issued ID to facebook?  It looks something like that:

Sorry no can do, sir!

This is easy to bypass, it usually requires you to clean out your browser cache and cookies. After that it usually lets you in. If it doesn't - keep on reading.

However the bigger problem (when you use VPN, VMs and TOR) is when you get to a "malware checkpoint":

Bitch, even my VM is running Malware Bytes and Avast ani-virus (not that it's needed for my VM but I still recommend them). 

And by the way, keep in mind that this thing is profile-specific - you can log in from the same machine with a different profile, so the issue is obviously not "malware-infection"!

 But no, that's not enough... Facebook wants you to download a particular "malware scanner" and run it on your machine, while logged into facebook. Sometimes it offers you ESET scanner, sometimes Kaspersky and sometimes F-Secure... Somewhat reputable companies, right? No!

When you start the download it produces a VERY suspicious .exe file:

If the name doesn't tip you off (i'm in no doubt sure this is standard naming convention for the f-secure products), let's take a look at the certificates and signature:

Jesus christ! I didn't know facebook develops security software now, good for you guys! (No it's not - it's suspicious).
 By the way, the same certificate is issued for the ESET "malware scanner" as well as Kaspersky.

Anyway, I'm sure you're here for a solution on how to bypass facebook's "malware" checkpoints, not to read some "racist" rant how facebook tries to install some FinFisher-like software, so here we go:

1st. If you're not using TOR browser and/or  VPN (which you should) you'll have to install NoScript

2nd. Clear all your cookies, cache and browsing history. (But seriously, you should really use TOR)

3rd. Start a fresh browser and disable all scripts globally from NoScript

4.Open up facebook. It'll tell you that you need to be redirected to a "mobile-optimized" page. Use that and log in.

5. Enjoy your HTML based spyware free anonymous facebook experience. (which is somewhat functional)

6. Add me as a friend if you're anonymous privileged shitlord.

Sometimes this issue can be remedied permanently by following steps 1-5 and then deleting all of your "recognized devices" (didn't work for me though)
Here's how o do that from the "mobile optimized" page:

Go to the bottom of the page to "Settings and (((privacy)))"

Try clearing ALL of your "recognized devices" and "active sessions" (this has a small chance of success, although you won't lose nothing if you do it )

And finally, just to make you laugh,  here's how fb ostracizes users for having a responsible www behavior:

Hope this helps... Ask, comment, add me as a shill. (But only if you're privileged cis-scum, racist bigot)

As a last resort you can always make a new facebook profile, using an android emulator/vm. And post your contact on you old profile page (Just make sure you allow that from the setting of your current profile using the HTML page)

Keep in mind though that if it has come to this, even if you bypass "security" expect your profile to be banned shortly(personal experience). So my advice is - make necessary preparations. :^)

P.S. Facebook is marxist shit and it'll try to silence you